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Singing Lessons


Each singing lesson lasts 45 minutes. Taking one lesson each week works well so that we both can measure the progress of your singing and voice. This way, each singing lesson builds upon the last.

Age 12 - Adults

I teach singing lessons to children older than age 12 up through adults of all ages. Singing lessons aren't suitable for younger kids because they already sing naturally. Also, younger children have a shorter attention span which makes daily practicing and a 45 minute singing lesson too much for them.

Continuing Singing Lessons

Each week we can assess your singing progress and create a new set of singing goals. Whether you want to try learning new songs, refine your techniques, or just have fun because you love to sing, I'm happy to sing with you and want to continue providing value to you with continuing instruction.

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Please call me at (402) 680-0850 for pricing information, or if you have any questions. Thank you!


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