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Why Take Singing Lessons?

Private, one-on-one singing instruction and vocal coaching will help you fine tune your voice, pitch and range. With over 25 years of professional singing and teaching experience, you can be confident that I have the expertise to give you the right training for your singing goals.

• For beginners/novices
• School show choir members
• Tryouts for musicals and choirs
• Band members/musicians
• Sing better for church, karaoke or for fun
• Professionals/soloists

You will get personalized, one-on-one coaching in a fun, friendly, caring, positive way. I give you training, tips and techniques that help you go beyond solo practice. Whether singing is your hobby, you're in a choir, trying out for a musical or a professional shooting for the stars, we will work together to make your voice shine and your confidence glow.


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